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Mixed bouquet of pink roses, santini + greenery

A beautiful romantic bouquet of roses with Santini chrysanthemum and verdure, suitable for declaring one's love or any festive occasion. This classic will enchant and is sure to please every woman.  The bouquet consists of beautiful, large-flowered roses with the longest possible shelf life. 

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626 Kč
4x rose, 5x santini, greenery (4x růže, 5x santini, zeleň)
1 083 Kč
7x rose, 10x santini, greenery (7x růže, 10x santini, zeleň)
1 976 Kč
14x rose, 19x santini, greenery (14x růže, 19x santini, zeleň)
3 239 Kč
31x rose, 20x santini, greenery (31x růže, 20x santini, zeleň)

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