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Orders for flowers and additional assortment


- Orders can be placed on our website, by email, over the phone on +420604148898 or in person in the shop. Unpaid orders will not be delivered and handed over.

- All paid orders are binding.

- An automatic email or SMS is sent to the client to confirm the order.

- If the confirmation of payment does not reach the Client, please contact us to check the order status.

- Confirmation of flower delivery is sent only if expressly requested by the Client, otherwise the order is considered delivered on the day requested.

- If it is impossible to deliver, we always contact the sender.

- Orders can be changed or cancelled within 30 minutes after placing the order, or 24 hrs before delivery.

- If you change or cancel the order online, please state the serial number to prevent misunderstanding.

- If we are not able, for some reason, to see to your order, the money will be returned to you in cash in our shop or sent to your (previously agreed) bank account.

- All orders are payable in Czech crowns. If money is returned, it is also returned in Czech crowns.

- The information entered into the order must always be correct.

- If we have to make a repeated call to the address provided, we are entitled to charge for transport and the related cost.

- In order to ensure that the flowers fully correspond to the selected photograph and to ensure 100% quality, we recommend ordering flowers and gifts several days in advance to enable us to order flowers which might not be currently in stock.

- The products shown in the online catalogue can look different from the actually delivered flowers and gifts.

- We reserve the right to replace the goods stated in the goods catalogue with goods of similar appearance, type, colour of the same or higher quality in order to ensure that the goods are as similar as possible.

- The Seller may cancel the order, or its part, if the price of the goods supplier has changed dramatically, or if the goods are not currently in stock.

- All additional products may only be ordered together with flowers.

- By sending the order the Client declares that he has read and agrees to the terms and conditions and the claims procedure.

- If you fail to find the flowers you want in our catalogue, we will be more than happy to prepare a special bouquet for you, using different flowers and colours as requested.

- Orders for Saturdays and Sundays must be placed no later than by 4 pm on Friday; orders that are to be delivered on bank holidays must be sent off by 4 pm on the last business day before the bank holiday.

- Before placing the order for delivery of flowers we would recommend ensuring that the recipient is going to be at the given place at the given time in order to prevent complications.

- The same applies to the order form, which must be filled in correctly.

- It is also important to write down not only the name but also the position of the respective person (in hospitals: doctor, patient, cleaning lady, nurse or others in other companies).

- The recipient of the flowers must sign a delivery note upon receiving the flowers and gifts. The delivery note states the number and type of flowers used in the bouquet.

- By signing the delivery note and accepting the flowers, the recipient agrees that the appearance, the quantity and quality correspond , in case of cut flowers and additional assortment.

- It is essential that the customer checks the delivery carefully.

- Later claims will not be taken into consideration. Claims must be made within three days from delivery in writing.

- We reserve the right to respond to the claim within 24 hrs.

- Claims procedure is always in writing.

- We guarantee that cut flowers will last 3 days minimum provided the recipient looks after them properly.

- In case of justified claims, the Client is entitled to replacement of goods or a discount.



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